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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Intelligent Manufacturing Award

Project Name:ZHUAN Pro+

Winner name:

Ningbo Savile Baby Products Co.,Ltd. / China

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The well-designed "ZHUAN" Pro+ baby car seat is easy to use, and offers children both reliable protection and a cosy environment to sleep soundly in between trips.

"ZHUAN" Pro+ can be reversely reclined up to 175°, and both sides of the seat allow one-hand 360° rotation, fairly smooth, flexible and convenient. Other upgrades of this seat lies in the structures of the canopy and the headrest. The full-coverage canopy can shade children on road trips, especially when they are asleep. The V-shaped headrest can offer the optimal resilience, and are further zoned to safeguard the vulnerable head in a more targeted way. The thickened lining are ergonomically designed to provide proper support and hold the whole body in place, accordingly protecting children's spines and allowing them to lie down more comfortably. Meanwhile, the outer skin-friendly fabric is pleasant to touch. More convenient, considerate and cosy, "ZHUAN" Pro+ is the ideal baby car seat for the well-being of children in between trips.