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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Intelligent Manufacturing Award

Project Name:Breathable ergonomic pillow

Winner name:

Xuemin Dai / China

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This highly breathable and ergonomic children’s pillow settles the problems of bacterial growth caused by sweating and poor support of ordinary pillows, helping children get a comfortable and crispy experience of sleep. The pillow inner adopts the silicone rubber material mainly applied in the aerospace field, whose combination with 4D hollow structure is able to accelerate air circulation to avoid sweaty stuffiness. The pillowcase is made of the intelligent single-side moisture transported fabric to isolate sweat, further ensuring children’s sleep with dry and crispy comfort. Besides, the whole pillow inner is washable and allows for high-temperature sterilization to guarantee the safety in use. The three-dimensional zoning structure and curved design enable the product to well fit and support the head of the children under various sleeping positions so that it can adapt to the normal cervical vertebra curve of children.