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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Interior Award

Project Name:YINCHENG AOXING Nursery Center

Winner name:

Vivvy Xu / China

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This case is designed as a nursery center. The user of the space is children under the age of 3. As I entered the space, I tried to remember how I felt when I was a baby needing space -- secure, fun, like a cave, like my mother's arms, but the memory is vague, like a dream, like the future, also like a past life. As a result, the concept of the case is: the future.

Antoni Gaudi said that the straight line belongs to man, but the curve belongs to God. Curves also belong to children I think. So there are a lot of curves in this case, The curves of the flow, unfolding in three dimensions, reveal the wondrous cave in the future.

The whole tone is mainly white, decorated with dazzling glasses, acrylics, water corrugated metal plate, visually creating a sense of future and purity, so that children feel attractive, and can calm down, reduce the separation anxiety with their mother.