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IAI Best Interior Award

Project Name:DAYA Yoyage Global Headquarters

Winner name:


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The project is the headquarters of the top luxury hotel group Daya Travel in China, located in the bustling West Nanjing Road in Shanghai. A full circle

of floor-to-ceiling windows makes the space feel like it is floating above the bustle of the Magic City.

Inspired by the spirit of Daya Travel's boutique hotels in rare scenic locations around the world, which emphasize natural experiences and attention to

service details.

The design is based on the "window" structure, which is a functional space with all windows set back to leave a long corridor, and the scale of the framing is

carefully drawn to maximize the view from the window into the interior. This technique echoes Daya Travel's setting of "travel to see the world", "embrace nature at the largest scale", and "see the scenery as if there were no windows". It is also the designer's understanding of the local nature.

The entire layout, when the functional space is divided into blocks with windows backed out, the whole space becomes an independent island form, which creates strong fluidity, transparency and extension. All the windows are connected into one piece, and a continuous large-scale spreading horizontal composition is created, which creates a kind of open and tranquil beauty and makes people entering the space inexplicably moved.