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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award - Gold Award

Project Name:Midsummer Cafe

Winner name:

Zheng ZhiRong / China

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  In terms of functionality, we divided a 4 x 17-meter long apartment into 3 areas with a golden cut ratio. In the first entrance area, we created a natural and ecological environment with the reed, yellow sand, fossil and natural wood! The middle part is the core output, we use two building blocks (boxes) to divide the specific space like the toilet, kitchen and operation counter. The final area is also the core building spot, as well as the most difficult and breakthrough point. In terms of functionality, it is constructed in the form of a U terrace, enclosed, flexible, and people-oriented. The high-purity red figurine is highly compatible with the green of the tree, making the space quiet and relaxing with youthful vitality. It not only meets daily affairs but also solves the functions of community, activities, gatherings, art exhibitions, parent-child, forums, etc., greatly increasing the agility of space and the integration of social interaction!

   As for the passage, we create each scene with every step you take, the winding path leads to the secluded place. Appreciating the big scene from the petite items, we create the interactions between inside and outside and add some amusing vibe!

   After a busy day, you can breathe soothingly and inhale the refreshing air, have a cup of coffee, read a book, immerse yourself in a relaxed atmosphere, entering the boundless state of body, mind and spirit.