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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award - Gold Award

Project Name:Zhejiang AGMO New Material Technology Exhibition Hall Office Building

Winner name:

XuTai Design and Research Studio / China

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In 2019, when the whole house customization of Aigewood started to contact us, for the large-scale residential decoration industry, we still had a chaotic, polluted and superfluous stereotyped thinking in our minds about wall panels, cabinet doors, and ceilings. Faced with the ever-changing industry demands and the constant market regulation, Aigemu's whole-house customization has expanded from partial customization and overall home furnishing upgrades to in-depth research and development in two major commercial space sectors, and the company's office staff has also expanded to around 150-200 people.

Faced with the new development of enterprises, we hope that after in-depth research on brands and enterprises, we can plan their new office buildings to meet the future development of enterprises and the spread of brand concepts.

With the brand concept of "customized for a better life", Aegum hopes to achieve a win-win situation for users, distributors and enterprises. Product advocacy is environmentally friendly, healthy and livable for users, easy to install, and ready to live. The product has the characteristics of no formaldehyde, thermal insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, and durable. According to the characteristics of different customer needs, Aige wood whole house customization makes targeted solutions for the overall space to provide customers with whole house customization.

We use the brand's corporate color blue as the main body. Conceptually, we hope that the space is nurturing, inclusive, and friendly, so the concept of going up the river is extended, and the flow process wraps the product/space/user. How to better display products through concepts and convey them to users. The team went deep into the site and the factory together, and did in-depth research on the corporate brand. By understanding the source of materials, production and R&D process, we broke our initial prejudice and the technology was updated quickly.

This is a single-story 62.5*30 meter long 5-story rectangular base space. Our design area is a 3-story space with an area of more than 5,000 square meters. The 1-2 floor space hopes to be used as a home and commercial exhibition space, mainly to launch new product lines for dealers across the country, and the public space exhibition hall is mainly for hotel, hospital, and children's space product experience. In the face of the latest digital media, I hope to have a large space venue that can accommodate 1-200 people at the same time for conference training and live broadcast. The 3rd floor is used as an expanded office space. In addition to the office needs of regular companies, they also have a space design department and a product research and development department. It is hoped that the space can have many areas for local discussions. What the marketing department puts forward the most is the hope that there will be a quiet space for telephone communication and docking. It is hoped that the open space of the space will be rich in levels, because in the office space of a small county, busyness in relaxation is a common state for everyone.

We introduce the river that flows through it from the outside. After entering the hall, the main core of the diversion center is divided into the home and public space exhibition halls on both sides. The space in the middle is hollowed out, and different floors use overlapping bridges to link the spaces. Introduce the original patio lighting on the 3rd floor. According to different functions, it is placed in a small patio in a dislocation, so as to meet different line of sight lines, and the upper and lower air is lighted and circulated.

The space on the 3rd floor is open to the dislocated patio area, closed for negotiation and discussion, and then a special telephone booth area is set up. The office area is set in the best lighting view area, and the large-area windows continue the landscape view of the roof and connect with the farmland scenery in the distance. The wood veneer and weaving material of the wall are directly installed with the material of Aige wood.

Roaming visiting route, commuting bridge experience, the penetrability of exhibition halls/large and small core tubes, we incorporate various functional requirements, create a rich experience through the characteristics of space, and go to different places through wandering. level space. Constantly feel the enthusiasm, professionalism of the corporate brand in the experience, as well as the current era, enterprises have to face the unknown future. We hope that the company will adhere to the original concept and make changes for more and wider base family spaces. Review Three-year design of the epidemic, construction site docking, and on-site problems. We deeply felt the difficulties of customers, construction, and various supply chains. We thought the project was aborted. We sincerely thank everyone who participated, and hope that we will all embrace the unknown future with an open mind.