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IAI Architecture Award - Gold Award

Project Name:Architectural scheme design for the urban renewal project of the Relief Printing Industrial Zone

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The Relief Printing Industrial Zone is located in Baoan District, Shenzhen, where residential and industrial areas are interlaced. The concept of "Valley City" is infused in the architectural design for building a 3D eco-friendly city and creating a venue closer to nature.

Taking urban relationship, sunlight measurement and value analysis into account, the planning strategy conceives a "U" shaped layout that transits public open space, commercial space and private space. Speaking of spatial form, the conceptual logic is highly coherent to the physical logic. Low, middle and high levels of the building are further added with landscaping activity spaces, and the landscaping coverage is gradually extended to the building level in the form of receding terrace. As a result, the 3D landscaping coverage attains 100%. For the building form of the commercial area, the valley lines are extracted and recombined to create a rhythmic and dynamic form, shaping the facade of the commercial area. The facade of the office area features layers of receding terrace, which in turn diversifies the urban interface. The apartment flats are stacked in the form of receding terrace. The sky garden disposed on the refuge storey is not only an intangible extension of the surrounding landscape, but also adjoins to the office garden, offering activity and communication space for dwellers. The residential area provides an unobstructed view of the city landscape and broadens the field of view of the residential garden and landscape to the extent possible. In addition, the building facade features a modern and elegant design style. Its classic proportion and elaborate details highlight the appeal of modern technique and makes the quality of modern building even more impressive.