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IAI Architecture Award - Gold Award

Project Name:Ou Yue Grand View demonstration area

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Ou Yue Grand View demonstration area is a renovation project, the original building is located in the three rivers cultural park in Ouhai District, Wenzhou City, surrounded by water on three sides. The water surrounds the island and is born, the island embraces the water and is made, interlocking and correspondingly interesting. The renovation continues the Chinese style, with minimal texture and visual effect, in principle, without changing the original building style, through the space to show the interweaving of time to convey the remembrance of the old building and regain the new vitality of the building.

The aluminum profile portrays the outline of the building, highlighting the three dimensionality and refinement of the building. The design of the central part is highlighted, especially the canopy at the entrance and the stained-glass design of the two sloping roofs at the top, creating an exquisite atmosphere, combined with the bright lighting design, perfectly refining the shape and image of the building, reflecting the simplicity and purity of the building and activating the life of the building. Let everyone who visits the building can be immersed in this environment and find the Hidden Paradise.