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IAI Architecture Award - Gold Award

Project Name:High Joying Center

Winner name:


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The overall layout of the project shows an enclosed form, and through the creation of internal spaces and the openness of local space nodes, it provides a relatively lively and open urban public space for the surrounding city and suitable for communication. The west side interface presents an open posture through the combination of buildings and the metaphor of the city gate.

The whole park building group is staggered in height, which not only enriches the architectural space and street interface, but also enhances the overall image quality of the park. On the facade of the building, the two high rise buildings are cool and atmospheric, while the three small buildings of commercial and sports hall are relatively lively, resulting in a strong collision of internal and external architectural forms. The commercial entrance space on the southeast side combined with the sunken landscape plaza design enriches the landscape space level of the park.

The most distinctive feature of the design is the walking track running through the second floor of the building, which is like a ribbon winding around each functional space, linking each functional space while enlivening the atmosphere of the commercial space.