Works Appreciate
Works Appreciate


IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award - Gold Award

Project Name:Thin glasses

Winner name:

Schlumberger Glasses Co., Ltd / China

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This product adopts a new comfortable body feel design concept. In order to minimize the weight pressure on the user's nose and ears caused by glasses, the entire glasses (without lenses) weigh only 5.8 grams. The metal parts of the frame and leg are made of aerospace grade ultra light titanium alloy, which is lighter in weight and has better toughness. It maintains the deformation resistance of the frame while minimizing weight, providing users with a lightweight sensory experience. The silicone parts of the nose and ear pads use new lightweight, non slip silicone to ensure that users do not slide and leave no marks when wearing them for a long time. Based on scientific data analysis and repeated adjustments to the portraits and preferences of Asian user groups, 5 to 12 color schemes for oval full surround frames were selected to better match the face shape and suit different users. Through three major technologies: precision materials, scientific structure, and adaptive face shape, it provides users with the best solution for wearing glasses in different usage scenarios.