Works Appreciate
Works Appreciate


IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award - Gold Award

Project Name:Lockin Halo Smart lock

Winner name:

Hartmut Esslinger、Fuyao Sun、Hong Yu、Jun Luo / China

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Lockin halo is the first automatic smart lock with palm vein recognition function, which also has functions such as face recognition, camera monitoring, and real-time screen viewing. Different from face ID and fingerprint , palm vein biometrics are the most difficult to replicate. It is suitable for ages 4 and older. It can be recognized in 0.75 seconds, and it can be recognized without contact, which is more convenient. Compared with face recognition, it is not affected by problems such as face mask occlusion, and face privacy issues.

The product has the best door opening experience, and the through-type light display guides the user to open the door with the left hand or the right hand. The symmetrical handle can bring about the problem of hand injury, and it is more friendly to users with long nails.

The thickness of the all-metal panel is ultra-thin, which is better integrated with the door and the environment. In order to realize the ultra-thin design and highlight the core handle shape of the product, the hardware modules of mobile products such as mobile phones are used in the structural scheme and hardware scheme, and the space is more compact.