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Works Appreciate


IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award - Gold Award

Project Name:MINKI seafood hot pot

Winner name:

Xudong Zhang、Hao Tan / China

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This is a VI project designed for MINKI A Macao local seafood hot pot brand. With the concept of providing excellent service, combining the best of West and East and adhering to Chinese aesthetics, the design team integrated English into Chinese characters to make the logo international and used Sansserif fonts to make it more recognizable. Combined with Chinese calligraphy, the logo simplifies the noble and glorious dragon element to be elegant with a strong visual appeal and brand confidence. The auxiliary graph with four directions connected and infinitely extended implies the brand is unstoppable and invincible everywhere. Each element can be flexibly disassembled and combined to be applied to different medias, forming the continuation of brand visual identity.