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Works Appreciate


IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award - Gold Award

Project Name:Nine Types of Fruit Wine Gift Box for the Winter Solstice Festival

Winner name:

Shanghai Creado Advertising Co., Ltd. / China

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Nowadays, when popular festivals come, many companies or brands often give gift boxes. Therefore, Jiuqi Industry Company wants to choose a traditional winter festival — the Winter Solstice, and send a special winter gift to customers.

Creative Idea

The idea is inspired by the ancient Chinese folk method to calculate the date of cold weather and spring days, the Jiujiu Cold Relieving Map, and the old Chinese tradition of drinking alcohol in winter to keep out the cold weather. We combined the above two things and conceived a fruit wine gift box. The overall design of the gift box is based on the traditional Chinese lifting beam structure, adding copper elements to the warm teak wood, which has structural support and visual embellishment. The front of the gift box has a three-layer design. Open the box and remove the screen engraved with The Jiujiu Cold Relieving Map in Chinese. Nine types of fruit wine are displayed in the Duobao Pavilion, highlighting the heart and preciousness of the gift.