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Works Appreciate


IAI Most Creativity Award

Project Name:Chalet house

Winner name:

Laurent Troos

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The Tarumã house is located on the slopes of the pristine rainforest on the outskirts of Manaus, next to the Tarumã River. Based on the same passive sustainability concept and importance as Campinarana House, the boundary between the internal and external spaces of the Tarumã house opens and dissolves towards the green areas at the end and sides of the plot, while the vertical surface of the folding roof ensures privacy And protection from the glare of the afternoon sun. The orientation of the house is considered to ensure that users of this house can enjoy tropical rain as a view without having to close any windows. The shape of the roof allows hot air to be drawn in a natural way, as long as the form of the house forces the airflow to cross-

ventilate all spaces. Corten was chosen as the roofing material because of its low maintenance and evolutionary characteristics in harmony with the rain forest and its red clay. The lower concrete elevated floor is the bedroom, and the upper steel structure is the living room, dining room, kitchen, barbecue area, lounge and tree-top swimming pool to better enjoy the wind, the surrounding landscape, and the coexistence of common rainforest birds in the area.