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Works Appreciate


IAI Most Creativity Award

Project Name:Tropical shed

Winner name:

Laurent Troost

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TropicalShed is a leisure space thought of as a lounge area for a small office spacelocated at the back of this small plot (5x27m).

Thenarrow plot is oriented North South, exposing the leisure space to harshafternoon sun. Rather than waiting for a tree to grow, a steel rod structurehas been proposed to frame the leisure and work while also providing a fastshading system by creeper and tropical plants. The steel rod structure alsosupport a “flying” roof for the leisure area, since its supports will disappearbehind the creeper plants.

Thislight structure and flying roof close to the entrance also allows to keep therefreshing prevailing winds (coming from Northeast) to enter the plot andrefresh the area.

Thestructure is another research of ours to experiment of “architecturizingnature” and is a clear manifest for the neighborhood of the importance ofgreenery even on tiny plots.

Thechoice of light bricks pattern façade and walls somehow relate to a hands-madeearth notion, cherished by the Archeology company that will be based in theoffice space. The office space offers cross ventilation to all space and directconnection to light and several gardens on each side.

Thiswork is not complete yet, but we believe the pictures of the work in progressdepicts the intentions mentioned above.