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Works Appreciate


IAI Most Creativity Award

Project Name:Campinalana house

Winner name:

Laurent Troost

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In Casa campinarana, the room is located on the first floor with the interior living environment, exterior seating and swimming pool on the upper floor. To optimize the relationship between external and internal spaces, and to optimize exposure to climate factors, the house is divided into two blocks: vertical and horizontal. The function of the vertical volume house does not need sunscreen, while the function

of the horizontal volume house needs to prevent sunlight and rain.

The main horizontal volume is a contemporary reinterpretation of the colonial roof, with eight slopes on two separate levels and an air mattress in the middle. This climate adapted passive energy strategy allows for very low energy consumption.

On the East and west sides, the roof consists of transverse vertical planes, protecting the living space from the first and last rays of the equatorial sun. The roof can expand under the action of annual temperature changes and sunshine, without affecting the structure of the house.