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Works Appreciate


lIAI Environment Friendly Award

Project Name:Apartment Z

Winner name:

Scar Yuen / China

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Urban construction inevitably produces construction waste.According to statistics from the Provincial Department of Housing andUrban-Rural Development, Hubei Province generates 82.833 million tons ofconstruction waste every year. The province hasbuilt 40 construction waste disposal plants, with an actual annual treatmentcapacity of only more than 16 million tons, of which very few resources areconverted into renewable building materials.

The concept takes reborn as the design theme, and considers theuse of materials and carbon footprint, using abandoned building materials andagricultural production residues as the main decoration materials, so that thematerials can be reborn and give the opportunityfor a second life.

The Hotel project islocated next to the Wuhan Yuehu Bridge.Old bricks were collected from the demolition sites in nearbyvillages around Wuhan. After cleaning,the old brickswas used as a feature wall in the cafe at the front desk of the hotel. Localmemories preserved and historical culture inherited.The decorative walls and furniture were made by the wheat strawboards from agricultural production surpluses. No formaldehyde is released, anddoes not pollute the environment. It shows simple and elegant, back to basics,and it reflects a kind of vitality.