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IAI Best Interior Award

Project Name:Shixia Cottage

Winner name:

Liu Yujie / China

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Shixia, whichmeans to roam in the beauty of summer, is the name of an old residence locatedin the village near Daihe (Dai River) in Beidaihe District, Qinhuangdao, HebeiProvince. It is only ten minutes’ drive from the popular Laohutan (TigerBeach). This tranquil cottage is a good place to relax.•After therenovation, Shixia Cottage turned into a house with a front and a backcourtyard, two hundred-year-

old brick and tile rooms, a bamboo house and a westwing. The old east wing is incorporated into the bamboo house, creating aconstruction integrated with the yard and presenting a special visual effect.Each room has a separate entrance and courtyard, and the view of the courtyardcan be seen from the window.•Thearchitectural style of this old residence is typical of northern residences.The architectural structure, decorative patterns and use of materials revealits rustic and regional characteristics. The black and red bricks witnessed thehistory of the residence. The rooms built of black bricks in the frontcourtyard had a history of more than 100 years, and the wing in the backcourtyard was built later. Carved tiles were adopted for the eaves and doorframes. The arched doors created an extended visual effect.•Zen is anartistic conception beyond description. For interior spaces, Zen means thebalance of the space, the harmony between people and things, and the innerpeace of people.•Bamboos, whichhave hard hollow stems with cross-

sections, are regarded as humble yetrespectable in Chinese culture. Bamboos, loaded with cultural connotations andimaginations, are an indispensable element for Zen mood in oriental aesthetics.