Works Appreciate
Works Appreciate


IAI Best Interior Award

Project Name:Wind Circulation

Winner name:

Tacco Lee / China

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Freud thinks:

"Experience is an instant fantasy: A recollectionof the past

A recollection of what has been achieved in the past;

A feeling of the present - the image that waspreviously stored;

The expectation of the future

- —— Looking forward to the future, creating beautifulscenery and recalling the past mood through instant fantasy.”

Everything in the world has its own unique soul fromthe moment of birth.

During the change of the old and new times, thecollision between history and innovation blood can not only be traced to thesame origin, but also a sparkling moment.

We delve into our minds, turning the innovative spiritof constantlystriving for excellence into the new trend of the times, turningthe annual rings recording the historical trajectory into the soul of space andthe two interpenetrate and complement each other.