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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Architecture Award

Project Name:Nestlé School of Cookery

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The bamboo mesh forms a dome thatencloses the kitchen-school space apart of the parking space and preserves sometransparency, like the ceramic cobogó facades of the market, which served us asa visual and technical reference. Amid the shops and products, the interventionis present and silent, simultaneously.

The Central Market of Belo Horizonteexists for over 80 years, and keeps intact the spatial structure, theorganization of the stores in concentric rings and the perimetral and radialroutes since it was established, when the products were still arranged bymerchants directly on the floor. The construction of shops and galleries with aseries of crosspassages, thereby generating a labyrinthine space, is stillresponsible for the situation of deliciously get lost in the plethora ofproducts and their colors, textures and aromas.

The space allocated for theimplementation of school-kitchen Nestlé at the Central Market is one of four"L" shaped slabs that make up one of the rings formed by clusters ofshops on the ground floor. This set of four "L" slabs have coverageat an intermediate level between the ground floor and the floor of the carparking, as a mezzanine. The proposal with the occupation of one slab by Nestléis to formulate a kind of architectural intervention that can be replicated inthe other three slabs in order to preserve the spatial matrix of the Market. Weare concerned with the preservation of architectural features of a place that,besides hosting social and cultural values of the city and the country, is alsoextremely representative as built heritage.

Thus, we propose a framework for definingspace, consisting of a mesh of bamboo that creates a welcoming internalenvironment and a expressive external volume, integrated by the transparency ofthe surface.