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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Interior Award

Project Name:Between, To Simple

Winner name:

Zhang Yingqi / China

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The essence of home isnot material stuffing and heavy housework; it's a simple form and a return tothe heart.

It is a reorganizationand dialogue between each family member's relationship with themselves, witheach other and with objects.

From a macro level, itcan be understood as the integration and thinking of the concepts of humansettlement, life and culture in the East and the West.


From the micro level, itcan represent the control and design of space scale, white space and aura;

It is also aninternalized life philosophy gradually accepted by some modern urbanites.

To Simple

"The avenue issimple, good at heart, simple at shape." Not only is the supreme purposeof the operation of everything in the world,

livingenvironment; art, commercial space design and

brandimage upgrade; Facade renovation of small

buildingsand integrated indoor and outdoor design;

design consulting services, etc.

Theirworks have won many domestic and international

design awards and media releases.