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IAI Best Interior Award

Project Name:Resee Studio

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Resee is a studio of a sculptor located in an office building inhigh-tech zone. It covers the functions as workspace, reception and meeting.The project features an oriental landscape interior in a modern architecture.

The design is inspired by the book titled Art of Garden-Building,which is an ancient Chinese monograph on gardening published in the late MingDynasty. It declared the highest criteria for classical Chinese gardens, whichis "Although it was made by humans, it looks like formed by nature".It also mentioned the gardening techniques as borrowing from surrounding spaceand time. Finally, the design theme is finalized.

As an artist, the client has very high aesthetic requirements forspace design. However, this project is one of the artist’s many studios, which is not large butwith strict budget control. The client hadn’t had any specific requirements for the design brief, which is alsoa test for the design team. Combined the studio function with ancient orientalgarden design, the design idea has got approval from the client.

There are two main challenges. One is that the floor height of thesite is only 3100mm, plus the existing pipeline and equipment on the ceiling,the height is seriously limited. Another challenge is the limit of budget. Howto create a three-dimensional sense of space at the existing height and how toselect materials which have quality texture within the budget? This has becomethe biggest problem in the design and realization of this project.

In order to meet the budget, all the floor has been kept as it wasbefore. First of all, the designer laid all the water and electricity from theceiling, so that the wiring can get rid of the constraints of the floor. It cando no damage to the floor and creates a self-contained integrated indoorgarden. By covering the upper half of the sight, the design makes visitorsfocus on the interior landscape.

The interior gardens mainly use the traditional method of borrowingscene in a modern way.  When viewed fromthe Zen room, the landscape is completely different, which leads to thereflection on different perspectives of a problem. The blockingof the light takes advantage of the natural light to show the beauty of spacein different times of a day.