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Works Appreciate


IAI Best Interior Award

Project Name:Space 5.7

Winner name:

Ruan Zhixiong / China

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Housing supply in Hong Kong is tight. Property prices and rents are rising. Many people are unable to afford high rents. They have no choice but to live in frontiers. There are about 90000 sub housing units in Hong Kong. There are more than 280, The living area per capita is only about 5.7 square meters. More than 80% families have had conflicts. Family members fight for space every day. For example, they fight for toilets, passageways, beds, tables and chairs, etc·

The room is narrow, the function is confused, the food needs to be cooked and stored in the toilet, the TV needs to be watched in bed, the homework needs to be done and the food needs to be eaten, the children will complain more about eating in the toilet, the behavior of the children in the auxiliary room is shrinking, the children are silent, the self-esteem is low, and it is not conducive to the children's learning, social and physical growth·

If it is impossible to change the fact of living in the auxiliary room, we can only make good use of every inch of the precious space of the house. Therefore, this project re plans the space, redistributes the functional space of learning, eating, living and sleeping, and makes multi-functional retractable furniture, makes use of every inch of the precious space of the house, improves the living environment, and everyone should be respected and live with dignity·