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IAI Best Interior Award

Project Name:Project Name: Trumen Seahaven

Winner name:

Yuchi Zhang / China


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As an entertainment venue mainly foruncovering the riddles, the design is also trying to express a sense ofreasoning and solving riddles. From the beginning of the door, the simplesquare element collage constitutes a sense of layering, which is a set ofpuzzles to be solved by others, and with rough walls, the overall feeling isboth modern and hard-nosed, very close to the atmosphere of brain burningreasoning in the game hall. The striking shop name "Trumen" is fullof movement because of the element of a runaway villain. With the catchy slogan"the scene of the case is no accident", it attracts customers to moveon and explore the truth. The interior space reflected by the large glasswindows enriches the facade vision, at the same time breaks the boundarybetween inside and outside, and arouses people's infinite curiosity andimagination.

The game hall is divided into threefloors, the first and third floors are game rooms, and the second floor isdirectly across the street. Entering the gate, people can see the bar of thegame hall, where they can receive, change clothes and select scripts. Thelayout of the whole second floor space is imaginative, concise but not simple.The ground is paved with gray terrazzo, the wall is decorated with cement, andthe ceiling is simply painted with emulsion paint, which saves cost and createsa contrast between matte and high gloss surfaces. This layout stronglyemphasizes the change of lightness on the highly unified gray tone, which makesthe visual effect in the vertical direction progressive layer by layer, in linewith the atmosphere of reasoning game. It is worth emphasizing that all thejunctions have been sewn without glue or mending. The designer try his best tomake the material reflect a kind of primitive feeling, which symbolize the pureand primitive fun of burning brain.

The most attractive public space on thesecond floor is the orange art installation around the whole space. Theinspiration of art installation comes from Mobius Band. Through the MobiusBand, which is cleverly twisted to eliminate the two-dimensional andthree-dimensional boundaries, to simulate the inside and outside of the play,the script kill is such a bridge to smooth the play inside and outsideboundaries. In order to highlight the contrast with the background as much aspossible, the designer chose a very eye-catching orange, and the orange devicefinally presented a good spatial tension in the gray space. The orange art devicesurrounds the second floor for a week, starting from the left side of theentrance, extending to the bar counter according to the situation, extendingall the way around the wall to the ceiling, dividing the space area of thewhole bar counter along the ceiling for a week, while the ground part iscleverly incarnated as the card seat in front of the bar, then rises accordingto the corridor outline, extends and widens around the house for a week, andthe back ends becomes the display desk in the window at the door, the terminalpoint is part of the door. The whole space is integrated with the device.Orange device not only balances the cool and warm colors in the space, but alsoenriches the color balance of the space. It also divides the second floor spaceinto several functional areas. The boundaries between the areas are obvious andnaturally smooth because of the orange device' integration. The boundarybetween space and imagination has obvious fluidity through such a cleverconception.

The cross-

section of the device iscomposed of three cuboids, when extending along the trend, it uses sometimesside, sometimes front and sometimes reverse side, so as to analogy the sense oftwist of Mobius Band in the space. The orange device seems to be constantlychanging and rotating in the three-dimensional space, metaphoring thecomplexity, uncertainty and impermanence of puzzles. The whole space is matchedwith transparent tables and chairs, adding a wonderful atmosphere.

The stairwa

y connecting the three floorsalso creates a kind of suspenseful atmosphere. The walls are all crisscrosswith stainless steel strips, and the light diffuses on them, which scatterjagged reflections, they are like stars and change indefinitely. In order tofurther enrich the light change, the stair step adopts glass step, and themiddle interlayer is equipped with orange film of light belt. In addition,there is no direct lighting for the whole stairwell. The light source on thestep is reflected on the stainless steel plate on the wall, which is not onlyof sufficient brightness, but also brings tens of millions of light refractionpaths to several reflective surfaces, such as mirror stainless steel, glassstair handrail, glass step, etc., which makes the field light effect full ofaccidental surprise.

There are eight theme rooms in thevenue, among which one mirror space is specially different. The floor in thehouse is made of pure black and high brightness floor tiles, while the wall ismade of black mirrors. Therefore, the path of light in the whole space ischangeable and colorful. Transparent tables and chairs are also used in theroom, only illuminated by a few point light sources on the ceiling. There is abeam of light under everyone's seat, and the rest of the place will beinvisible in the dark, so the suspense and tension atmosphere will be set off.The complex and changeable light reflection of the wall and the ground willgive the whole room a full dreamlike feeling.

Through the unique understanding of itsspace use, the designers of the whole Truman theater, with the precise designvocabulary, wonderful artistic conception and exquisite aesthetic skills, havetransformed into brief but not simple exquisite details in creativity andproduction.