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IAI Best Architecture Award

Project Name:Inflatable Membrane Structure Negative Pressure Virus Detection Station—Huo-Yan Air Laboratory

Winner name:

Colege of Design and lnnovation,Tong Unlversaty / Shianghal Etopia Building Technology Co. ,Ltd.

Yunsheng Su / Yongqi Lou / Ruoyu Li / Ye Yin.Wurong / Chen, Wenql Li / Kun Chen /Zhiran Wang / Ziqi Tang / China

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The novel coronavirus epidemic that broke outat the end of 2019 has spread globally, and the world faces great challenges topublic health security. The Nucleic acid testing laboratories, as a criticalmedical resource, have a direct impact on the ability of countries to cope withthe epidemic. Traditional BSL2 (Biosafety Level 2) nucleic acid testing laboratorieshave the problems of high construction costs, long construction cycle,difficult installation, and the inability to package reserves. Therefore, it isparticularly important to quickly and effectively provide a mobile nucleic acidtesting laboratory that can be mass-produced, low-cost, easy to transport, easyto install,andeasy to store during the rapid spread of the virus.

At the beginning of the epidemic, Huo-Yanlaboratory is for novel coronavirus nucleic acid testing, Huo-Yan Airlaboratories are constructed with a membrane to form a laboratory that meetsthe requirements of BSL2. Its inspiration comes from the isomorphicrelationship of “gene- cell - human” and “humanbuilding - urban life form”, like a kind of “lifelike architecture”, with a sense ofbeauty, future, and technology, with national production, low energyconsumption, intelligent, can be stored, can be transported by air and otheradvantages. During the rapid spread of the virus, the membrane structure of thelaboratory can achieve rapid mass production, low-

cost, easy transportation,easy installation, convenient storage, greatly reducing the construction oftraditional building energy consumption; the fresh air system of intelligentcabin pressure control system to achieve positive and negative pressureconversion of the indoor functional areas to meet the laboratory airenvironment standards requirements; It is also equipped with intelligentequipment to increase the intelligence of the building system, using opticalinteraction technology to enable staff to open and close doors without contact.In the future, the laboratory can be transformed into a concrete shellstructure by spraying composites to become a permanent building.

HuoYan Air laboratories have been built inBeijing, Harbin, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Qingdao, China, with 10,000 fluxscale nucleic acid testing labs in just a few days, Millions of neo-

crown testshave been contributed to the prevention and control of epidemic outbreaksaround the world, and timely, accurate and efficient screening helps tominimize social crises. Overseas in Gabon, Saudi Arabia, Togo, Kazakhstan,Ethiopia, and Oman, which have significantly increased local capacity fornucleic acid detection, thus contributing to global outbreak control. Thelaboratory has been reported by many well-known media at home and abroad, andBeijing’s“Inflatable membrane” Huo-Yanlaboratory was selected as the best scientific picture of June by the topinternational journal Nature, which has great international influence.