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Works Appreciate


IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award-Gold Award

Project Name:ONESHOT

Winner name:

Wang ying / China

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ONESHOT combines values, food, science and aesthetics,and strives to create a new lifestyle experiencethrough simple, innovative and symbolic design language.

【Core value】 The name stems from the best soundtrack award in Oscar history,Look,if you had ones hot, to seize everything you ever wanted.

【 Food&Science】 ONESHOT is an ultra-instant coffee with complete "ice drop extraction". The ingredientsare extremely clean,with only three SCA80 + premium beans.

(Aesthetics&Design】 In order to highlight the spirit of ONESHOT and integrate it perfectly into our lives,we decided to make ONSHOT packaging design symbolized and portable.The symbolized ONESHOTis

inspired by the center of the 2.55 Classic Flap bag. There is a small pocket that "loads the most belovedlipstick of Ms.Chanel".ONESHOT can fit it properly. lt's like a bullet, like a lipstick,and like a cigar lcigarette.Whether it is friendly to men or women, it is portable and at the same time, it just highlights theelegance.

Among them,14 test tubes are composed of 2 colors,each of which has 7 flavors corresponding to the twoflavors of coffee, and is placed on a transparent PET base, just like a product in a scientific laboratory,giving users a scientific and rigorous feeling.

【Lifestyle】 ONESHOT's symbolic design matches "The Art of lce Drops".Even on the most formal

occasions, women take it out of their handbags or men take it out of the inner pocket of their suits.Theyare all naturally impressive. What's more interesting is that you can combine ONESHOTInstant Drip withany drink such as hot water, ice water, sparkling water, milk,vegetable milk,alcohol, etc.Each is anartistic possibility .