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IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award-Gold Award

Project Name:Brand Design of Shijiazhuang Central Business District

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The Shijiazhuang Central Business District islocated in the "Core Area of the First Ring Road", with a total planned area of about 2.6 square kilometers. It has been designated as"Project No. 1" by the Municipal Party Committee and the MunicipalGovernment. It is positioned to integrate business, finance, commerce, culture,tourism and leisure. Upgraded city-level business center.

As a modern city prospered by railways, it is a national comprehensivetransportation hub. The history of Shijiazhuang's construction and thedevelopment of the city have an indissoluble bond with the "road".The two railways of Jinghan and Zhengtai converged here and

became the originof Shijiazhuang's urban growth; Dashiqiao witnessed its century-

old history, Shijiazhuangcan be described as "being famous for the bridge and born for theroad." At the beginning of the design of the Shijiazhuang Central BusinessDistrict Logo, inspiration was drawn from the "roads". From near tofar, a road is like a triangle extending forward, with no end in sight, like ajourney through time. As an important level of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urbanagglomeration, the triangle drawn from the location relationship of theBeijing-Tianjin-Hebei cities on the map is used as the basic element of thelogo to reflect the important role and mission of Shijiazhuang in thenational-level Beijing-Tianjin-

Hebei urban agglomeration. In geometry,triangles are the most stable figures; in social sciences, they also have theconnotation of seeking change in stability; in terms of visual linkage,triangles have the spiritual effect of sprouting human feelings. They not onlyhave eye-

catching form symbols, but also have closeness. The communicativemeaning of cooperation. The overall graphic is an abstract "stone"character, using a radial composition to make the graphic have a strongervisual impact and beauty, and at the same time convey the updated Shijiazhuangcity image language to the general public, making people living in Shijiazhuangfeel The city is moving forward, never stopping, and the city builders' goodexpectations for the future. Due to the early intervention of brand design, theplan of integrating the project's architectural and environmental design withplane visual symbols was realized for the first time, and the brand's visualsymbols were reflected in the building and environment. This measure enabledthe entire project to achieve a unified visual sense of identity. For this kindof urban center super-large complex project with a development cycle of morethan 10 years, such a large-scale and in-depth visual integration is also thefirst time for us. In the subsequent project presentation, the visual symbolswill be further extended and imported into In the city, realizing the originalintention of design for city empowerment