Works Appreciate
Works Appreciate


IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award-Gold Award

Project Name:Haylou RS3

Winner name:

Lie Sheng / China


Comming soon...


Haylou RS3 is a new slim large-

screen sportssmart watch, with its core concept of bringing smart watches into thousands ofhomes and leading a healthy life. Regarding external configuration, RS3features an AMOLED HD touch screen in an aluminum alloy frame with anano-silica wristband. The 1.2-

inch AMOLED display has a wider viewing angle,higher refresh rate and thinner size than those of traditional LCD displays.With its screen resolution of up to 390*390dpi, the larger panel deliversclearer data display while improving the operating experience, on top of whichthe product’soperation logic is also specially optimized to significantly save users’ early learning costs. Made of aluminum alloy and nano-silica, RS3brings durability and resistance to sweat and stain, which is refreshing andbreathable. Moreover, offering a long battery life, RS3 can run for up to 2weeks with Bluetooth, message reminders and other daily functions fullyenabled, well enough to satisfy daily needs of most outings and business trips.Under the basic mode of switching on sleep monitoring and time displaying, thebattery can even last for 30 days. It can still maintain an endurance of atleast 30 hours even when the GPS mode is turned on uninterruptedly to recordlife and movement locus.