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Works Appreciate


IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award-Gold Award

Project Name:diiib Zhijing antibacterial intelligent toilet

Winner name:

KaiLin / YanMeiYi /BingWang / LiFenYang / FengCen / LeiHuiCong /China

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Diiib Zhijing Antibacterial Smart Toilet

Diiib Zhijing anti-

bacterial intelligenttoilet, simple design without water tank, 11 national patent technologies,provides a new experience of more safe and comfortable for home intelligentwashing.

Patented secondary siphon technology, thefirst strong siphon, combined with the swirling force to wash away the dirtquickly. The second high efficiency siphon, no residual sewage. Effectivelyprevent bacteria breeding, clean more thoroughly.

Patented instant heating technology, highquality ceramic frequency conversion heating rod, constant temperature waterinstantaneous heating output, open is hot water. No water tank design, avoidrepeated heating, live water cleaning, healthy and comfortable, more clean.

Intelligent digital display function, NTCtemperature sensor and LED digital display precision combination, can clearlyand sensitively display seat temperature, water temperature, and eco energysaving function.

Intelligent seat ring, 30 ℃ ~ 38 ℃ six temperatureadjustable, the temperature can be kept constant after setting, withoutrepeated adjustment. After the eco energy-saving key is turned on, the seatring only consumes energy when it is seated. Once it is out of the seat, italways returns to the low temperature state to save energy.

Spray rod arc design, not easy to splash,water "position" more accurate. At the beginning and end of hipwashing or women's washing, the spray bar automatically cleans with live waterto ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Meanwhile, the spray bar flows out of thewater through separate holes to avoid cross infection of bacteria. The spraybar moves back and forth in the whole process to make the whole washing moreclean and comfortable.

Sitting automatically turn on diatom puredeodorization, using the principle of physical adsorption, ion exchange + nanoelimination, to ensure the use of the whole air fresh. After washing, enter thewarm air drying mode, warm air flow, six gear control, easy drying, take awaythe skin condensation water vapor, and take good care of the washed skin.