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Works Appreciate


IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award-Gold Award

Project Name:EZ Golf

Winner name:

Wang Kai / China

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EZ golf design: the logo design is dominated by young innovation + flattening + functionality. The E and Z fonts are reorganized in the way of element combination and deformation typesetting to form a logo similar to a paper clip (marking meaning); Its long shape means to provide reference and assistance for the swing, making the direction of hitting more accurate and more stable; The auxiliary graphics are inspired by the contour lines of the terrain. Different radians and shapes form the terrain of the golf course. In terms of packaging, it directly abandons the traditional carton packaging in the industry, uses blister to make a ball box similar to the shape of an egg box, and uses a concise presentation method, which has a sense of design and modernity. At the same time, it also uses direct and concise vision to attract young players.