Works Appreciate
Works Appreciate


IAI Intelligent Manufacturing Award-Gold Awar​

Project Name:The Heat-Cycle 95% White Goose Down Quilt

Winner name:

Hangzhou Kanghao YlIla Home Technology Co , Ltd

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The Heat-Cycle 95%White Goose Down Quilt is designed for children at age 4-16. The HEAT-CYCLEworkmanship is designed to have a capsule-

shaped sleeping environment.Considering the sleeping position of the children, we adopts the design ofquilting to ensure a good fit. It can achieve an internal air circulation andeffectively avoid air leakage while children move around during sleep. Largecluster of white goose down is used for quilt’s internal filling, which hasstrong air permeability. It helps children’s sweating to ensure a bettersleeping quality. There are extra filling weight on children’s cold sensitiveareas, chest and feet. This is a double security to prevent children fromcatching a cold.