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IAI Architecture Award /Gold Award

Project Name:Tree Courtyard

Winner name:

Peixin / China

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The site is located at the south-west corner of amixed-used courtyard in Xiaojingchang Hutong in Beijing. The site is only 26.1 with four sides connected with theneighbors. The relationship of the jujube tree and toon tree at the entrancewith the side provides the foundation of a conversation between architectureand nature.

Exploration of space begins with the prototype of “Siheyuan”, four-sidedenclosed courtyard. With the site constrained, the building is enclosed onfour-sides. Within the perimeter walls, inner space opens up to nature througha courtyard. Under the constraint of space, the central courtyard is compressedinto patio on one side. This kind of enclosed courtyard with a narrow patio isa typical spatial typology in Chinese vernacular architecture, where theenclosed perimeter wall provides privacy and opens inward to nature.

The building consists of two floors and a roof deck.The first floor is a multi-use space: tearoom, social space, conference room,mobile working, and dining. Quality of the space throughout the day changes asthe light fells from the skylight and patio at different times.

The second floor is perfect for daily office usewith ample lighting. The stairs to the terrace using 8mm steel platescantilever from the wall appearing aloft also allowing light to enter the lowerlevel.

The north wall is the most expressive section ofthe building. The light shines through the jujube leaves, the shadow hitting onthe white wall surface, changing with time and weather.

The roof deck furthers the conversation between thebuilding and the jujube tree. The design with the cushion and low tea table isintended to lower the body, wrapped around by the jujube tree, building adimension under the tree for meditation. On the west side, wooden planters areplaced as railings to ensure privacy. At the dusk, people sit facing west,through the silhouette of the flowers in the planter, enjoying the sunset.