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IAI Architecture Award /Gold Award

Project Name:Jiao-xi Presbyterian Church

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Jiaoxi Church of Taiwan Presbyterian Church (hereinafter referred to as Jiaoxi Church) is surrounded by low buildings, and the base is adjacent to the fourth line and the ninth line

It's next to the neighborhood of Xiangnong, and on the right side (North) it faces Jiaoxi huzheng office across a small park green space

meeting. The principle of planning and design is "redefining the church and adapting to local conditions". Jiaoxi is rainy and humid in winter, hot and hot in summer, and has a good base

The terrain has a height difference of one and a half meters from east to West (long). Therefore, the space of the first floor is raised, and four squares are designed to support the main hall structure of the second floor, which is also in line with the spirit of "the temple of God is built on high" described in the Bible.

"For me, the church is not only a church, but also a community center and a convenience store for the soul. Many community neighborhood activities can take place here. A house is like a universe, a city and a settlement. " The square and channel are shaped between the four measuring bodies on the first floor, just like the alleys and streets in the city. The transparent virtual space design helps the circulation of wind, and also intends to make a dialogue with the irregular entity buildings of Jiaoxi huzheng office. The semi outdoor space, which is surrounded but not suitable, provides a variety of social and leisure activities and is not affected by the climate; Nearby residents and religious members can walk into the church freely, connecting the ordinary people's life with the church, connecting the surrounding communities, neighborhoods, alleys and green belts. The main hall on the second floor is a double cortex structure. The moving line space created between the inner and outer cortex can also be used to adjust the temperature. The indoor and outdoor air can be exchanged and circulated in this intermediary space, greatly reducing the time of using air conditioning. The roof is equipped with seven common turbine ventilation towers in Taiwan, implying the meaning of "seven days" in the Bible. The inner layer of the main hall is in the shape of wood frame and egg shaped space, which symbolizes the mother womb that breeds life. Light penetrates through the grilles on both sides and on the roof, sifting out the natural light and shadow, creating a sacred atmosphere like "praying and worshiping in the woods and in the wilderness". The wooden grill also makes the indoor sound effect better. The outer skin is made of light steel which is common in Taiwan.

"This is a main hall space with many metaphors and meanings, but the most fundamental idea behind the form is to keep in touch with people and self

But make a connection. " Local construction methods and recycled materials should be adopted as far as possible. For example, the wooden windows of the old hall should be re installed on both sides of the inner layer of the main hall, and red bricks, iron grilles and other materials should be recycled to create emotional connection and relationship with the ordinary people