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IAI Architecture Award /Gold Award

Project Name:Shan Shui Shi Jian

Winner name:

Shanghai Tongyuan Architectural Design Co., Ltd

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ShanshuiShijian is located in the southern part of Chenjia Town on Chongming Island,Shanghai. Positioned as a modern Chinese-style architecture, the project isseen as an exploration and attempt of integrating modern Chinese style andtraditional landscape spirit.

Space strategy

The enclosure wall, plants and small garden ornamentsare arranged based on the traditional Chinese garden design approaches of"dotted view" and "view borrowing", which separates thespace without breaking its continuity and also creates twists and turns similarto those in traditional gardens. The courtyard presents a spatial impression ofadvancing in due order, with winding paths leading to a secluded and endlessspace.

Architectural shape

By inheriting the idea of breaking up the whole intoparts in traditional architectural spaces, the design divides themultifunctional architecture into several scattered light volumes to form acourtyard-style architectural compound. The walled-in courtyard links allarchitectural volumes. Combined with large glass facades of th0se volumes, itmakes the indoor and outdoor spaces an integrated whole. The traditional hiproof is divided into two parts to form double layers of eaves which arereinterpreted with modern techniques and materials.


Visitors are led into the building through a narrowlong bamboo passage after the main entrance, which creates an atmosphere ofinfinite depth and seclusion. Walking a few more steps, they will reach thedisplay and negotiation area. The connection and combination of main andsecondary units generate the spatial sequence of rising and falling in cadence.

Facade and materials

As the simple and elegant style guides the selectionof materials and colors, the whole building displays a "cool" toneset by Chinese gray. The combination of dark metal and light white stonematerials aims to show the imagery of dark tiles and white walls of traditionalarchitectures in South China.