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Works Appreciate


IAI Architecture Award /Gold Award

Project Name:S House

Winner name:

Antonio Polidura+Alex Brahm

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The assignment consisted of designing asecond home for a couple and their three children.The land of 6500m2 and almost100 meters long, has a steep drop of 20 meters. One of the main objectives ofthe project was to create a horizontal plane, a large podium that allowsinhabiting and highlighting the strength of the landscape, the view of the seaand its sunset. The proposal's idea was to separate the public and privateprograms into two pieces disposed one above the other, relating both levels tothe site's section from the upper part to the lower. This allows all thehouse's precincts to have a connection with the garden at all times, as well asto reduce the image of a big house in the landscape; when you are in thepavilion on the upper floor, the rest of the house disappears. The volume belowis buried into the ground and it adopted a materiality that allowsunderstanding it as a mimetic basement with the ground. It has the bedroomsthat have a private garden exit placed; an exposed concrete box in which blackpigments, similar to Punta Pite's stones, were sought The pavilion locatedabove, contains the most public spaces and is absolutely transparent,which allows to integrate the natural landscape with the interior space.It's a concrete slab, a shadow, that rests on 21 steel columns, which to avoidhaving braces or walls that would stiffen its structure (Chile)is a veryseismic country), reduce its height to 230 cm. thus avoiding the possibledeformation of the columns when faced with dynamic stresses. This heightenhances the horizontality of the enclosures, stressing the views alwaystowards the horizon. The three programs that are located on that level,living-dining and kitchen, sink to achieve conform and differentiate. The planshape of the pavilion, a three-

sided amoeba, also aids in seismic behavior. Thehouse's architecture and landscaping were working on from the beginning of theproject with Juan Grimm, always thinking of recovering the natural environment,the native flora that exist