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IAI Architecture Award /Gold Award

Project Name:SeeAnn

Winner name:

Henry Zhou / China

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The design is mainly focused on thelandscape and the interior, as the architectural structure was completed beforeI joined in.

The landscape applied the pure white tone,which offers more possibilities for exhibition layout. The sharp white also contrastswell with the surrounding green. The Zigzag path at the entrance solves theproblem of irregular land surface, and creates more fun for walking andphoto-making. The paralleling high and low walls shelter the redundantsurroundings. And the long cement bench contrasts well with Chinese bananatrees at the other bank of the stream, forming a good relation between thearchitecture and its surrounding environment.

The main hall originally has fourindependent pillars, which makes one feel boxed in there. So the design aims toopen up the whole space as far as possible. Only essential structures andmaterials are remained, so as to balance the relation among the floor, thewall, the pillars and the ceiling. The simplification helps to form reasonableand flexible moving lines, reaching a balance between confinement and opennessfor each functional area. Besides, the organized blankness in certain areasalso leaves more possibilities for future exhibitions.

The guest rooms feature white cement walls,light wood grain and rattan, with custom made furniture dot in-between. Thefurniture of minimalism strikes a good balance between visual appeal and thecost. Different rooms are designed accordingly with different themes concerningthe shapes and sight lines. They are the spring room, the tea room and thefamily room, etc.

A new hollow space is added between thethird-floor public space and the attic, connecting the two exhibition spaces withoutmaking a big fuss. The attic thus forms a circling corridor, creating moresurfaces for future exhibitions. Natural light from the skylight hits the green-paintedwooden ceiling, and shines through the hollow space, reaching an interestinglight and shadow play.  

The case also delivers theimportance of problem-solving. Particularly, the building illustrates how tostrengthen the relations among the building, environment and natural light byclarifying such relations while meeting certain requires and reaching costcontrol. It is also the built proof that through design, we can create asimple, comfortable and nature-connected living space meanwhile achievingcommercial objectives.