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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award-Gold Award

Project Name:Communities under the COVID-19

Winner name:

Lin xiaoying / China

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In 2020, I am sorry for the COVID

19 swept theworld which has a huge impact on people's lives. During this period, I observedthe community environment in which I lived for a long time and found that mostpeople had to live in the community for a long time. Therefore, the communityspace became one of the few activities space for people during the period.Living in this space for a long time also gradually exposed the unreasonablepart of the space and configuration in the community design. Most people haveto live in the community for a long time, so the community space has become oneof the most possibility spaces during the period.  Based on this situation, living in this spacefor a long time has gradually exposed some unreasonable facts and bad communitydesigns.


According to this situation, I am thinkingabout how the space responds to such a social change, and explore a newpossibility for the community space which responds to new social relationshipand communication manner. This project explores the content from theperspective of urban renewal,  improvespeople's living conditions and create a emotional community space through ourdesign. In this community, space can guide people's behaviors and change thesocial distance between people and people which avoiding excessive crowddensity.  It can reduce the risk ofpeople being infected by the virus to some extent.