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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award-Gold Award

Project Name:THE DADYISM

Winner name:

Shao Long / China

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There’re always individuals fettered by the noisy citythirst for freedom. They try their best to retreat from the hustle and bustle,pursuing what they really want. And the bar is one of the outlets.

The DADYISM is aWhiskeyBar. It is so quiet that it seems to extricate itself from the noisy city.

The spirit of this project designercomes from the cave which is a natural space appealing people to explore it.The designer intends to break people’s special stereotype for the cave throughhyperboloid.

The crack in the middle at the entrance deprives from “canyon”.It is like gully on the cliff, creating a novel experience from the canyon tothe cave. While it allows us to open the door of self-perception at both theknown and unknown sides until we peep everything through this narrow crack.

Guest resting area is a restructivescenery.A series of morphological devices arejuxtaposed in the domain to release the unknown space inside through organiccombination, forming a relatively private and semi invisible environment.

Disorder creates order, and order is broken bydisorder. The art of performance deconstructs the relationship among time,space, material and energy. Space is both a stage and a behavior. Designersabandon the cultural irrigation for space while performing improvisationalcreation incisively. Space and mind dance together, and all the people in this spaceare invited to participate in the performance, forming a dynamic order wherelaw and freedom coexist.

The designer conceives a relativelyfree space and does not over emphasize the gorgeous design concept, butrestores the natural relationship between man and atmosphere.

At first, in order to solve the limitation of floorheight caused by the internal two-layer structure, the designer chose the formof local building so as to enrich the space perspective and deduce the spatialform again.

The space atmosphere of this projectis not gorgeous and extravagant, but another kind of dark, mysterious and heavyaesthetic feeling.

The sense of security brought about byenclosed space gives birth to the desire of communication, in which you canfeel the dynamic relation between emotion and space. Take wine as a clue tocreate a medium, at the moment, a cup is better than ambiguous communication.

Along the external path of thebuilding, the facade facing the street adopts multi-layer laminated insulatingglass to form a longitudinal volume, which perfectly displays the internal space.

The design is disassembled and reorganized at the levelof methods and materials. Through the application of traditional materials, theold elements are given a new language to create different space experiences.The visual impact brought by the traditional metallic paint on the surface ofthe body is greatly released. Different curved surfaces and ingenious spaceseparation are used to endow changes in order from stacking, enclosing shape tocolor.

In the case of extremely limited budget, abandoningGRG, cave construction is one of the difficulties in project construction.Designers need to first use rhino to construct virtual model, and then dividethe 3D data of the shape into curved surfaces by CAD, and then the workers makethem on site. On the back side of the body surface, the constructors set upframes along the curve circle and radial direction to hang and fix theseplates, and finally complete the shape construction.