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Works Appreciate


IAIInterior Award-Gold Award

Project Name:Shengong Japanese Restaurant

Winner name:

Chen Wang / China

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Asensoryexperience awakened by an elegant stillness.•Lift theJapanese curtain, walk into the quiet corridor, step on the log steps, gentlytouch the wall woven by the old rattan, everything is so pure and elegant,people can not help feeling the ritual sense of the Japanese material. A Shintolight box made of rice paper falls at the end of the passage, vaguely pointingthe way upstairs. Allele area above the "business is the heart",revealing the owner's business philosophy.•With the flowof water, the sea connects the mountains, and the mountains mirror the sky. Onentering the second floor, the waves of the waterscape gradually dissipate andthen leave a trace of undulating water in the ceiling. The quiet spring waterand thin copper strip naturally separate the food area in front of the platefrom the main channel of people flow, so that guests can enjoy the professionalperformance of the chef and feel at ease to taste the original flavor of foodmaterials. The passage between the sake wall and the cave stone stream leads tothe deep part of the restaurant. Along the direction of the spring, the end isstill a bright light box with the sign of the Shrine, echoing the corridor onthe first floor. After the opening of the outer wall of the original building,a large glass window allows the line of sight to be extended indefinitely,creating a connection between the inner and outer space. The night view of thetall building outside can also be seen in a panoramic view.