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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award-Gold Award

Project Name:Chengdu JIAOTANG Thai Seafood Hotpot concept store

Winner name:

Liang Chen / China

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The project is located in a commercialcomplex in Chengdu New District, Sichuan. The building area is 506 squaremeters.

In order to increase brand awareness andattract consumers, we have redefined the dining space: by referring to elementsin the fields of film and television, art, science, technology and design, wehave created a dramatic five sensory experience. Comprehensive upgrade fromsight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

The design is inspired by a scene wherehumans and creatures on Neptune coexist in harmony. The main color of thisspace is International Klein Blue, which represents the bad weather and theimprint of life on Neptune. The atmosphere created by the interactive artmechanical installation reflects unprecedented novelty and experience. Theceiling light adopts Prince Rupert's water drop concept design, highlightingthe mystery of Neptune's creatures.