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IAI Interior Award-Gold Award

Project Name:The Reception Centre of Yada Yangxian Xishan

Winner name:

Hu Zhile / China

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YadaYangxian Xishan is located in Huyi Town, Yixing, Jiangsu Province, which isknown as "the only deep oxygen resort in China". It is adjacent toTaihu in the East, surrounded by mountains on the other three sides, withcontinuous green bamboo, lush tea fields, and at a glance, the mountains andrivers are like rain and mist.

Thebuilding area where the reception center is located is built along withmountains and forests, hidden in the valley, and the surrounding area alsoretains and uses natural rocks and trees, and integrates with the surroundingnatural landscape.

Insuch an overall environment, Zhile Hu, the architect, hopes to offer a kind oflife scene to the users of the space: to introduce the natural mountains andrivers here and create a kind of peaceful mind like hometown. What we think ofas a life scene is not limited to a certain style, but an experience that canbe integrated into it. How to put the concept of landscape into painting andlife as poem into reception center?

The presence of natural landscape and becomingthem to be the vital role of space. This is the design concept of the receptioncenter. With the landscape as the theme, the landscapebetween the layers of mountains is replaced into the line of sight. There aredifferent views from far to near, integrating Chinese landscape artisticconception into it.

The structure of thespace is also consistent with the surrounding environment, creating the sky,mountains and bamboo forests. The dynamic design of the space also follows theorder from dynamic to static. From the space prelude of the entrance to thespace opening of the front, visitors step into the multimedia display area, andfinally exhibiting the space of the social area and the sand table. The halladopts a sinking design, with an unobstructed large area of glass window view.It can look directly at the mountain, when visitors standing in front of thewindow, and admiring a panoramic view of Yangxian lake and the undulatingbamboo forest.

In the central exhibition area, a group ofmountains and rivers are designed to create a landscape in nature. Betweenpacing, the mountain scenery and water shape can be seen in front of thevision. In the space, nature will be introduced into the room. At the sametime, the nature view properly maps the scale of the distant mountain shadow,and also presents the theme of this design, which is to let mountains andrivers become the leading role of the space.