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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award-Gold Award

Project Name:Spatial integration

Winner name:


ZhenLi / NanZhang / YanLingJing / JianGuoZhou / HuLi / HanGang / XiaoWeiLu / WangYiJie / BingBingZhang / China


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Jinan urban rail transit line 3 is a backboneline in the east of Jinan. The design of the whole line takes "Dragon andShun City" as the concept theme. This line is a rail transit line thatreflects the charm of urban culture and shows the booming of the city.

The station space of the whole lineadopts the design concept of "space integration", organicallycombines space and art, and integrates the station space, equipment andfacilities, wall ceiling, lamp orientation and other factors into the overallspace design. Under the design principle of space integration, each station hasits own characteristics and is different.Ji 'nan natural ecology, sports,springs, oracle bone inscriptions and other urban elements into the space, sothat the whole space is full of rhythm and rhythm, you can feel the uniquetemperament of Ji 'nan.

Each city for travellers and theimpression of city residents should be rich and colorful and unique, the faceof it should not be devoured by the rapid development of modernization, urbanrail transit in the public culture also is so, should be rich in itsconnotation and features, and were able to rail transit public space as themedium, become the new carrier of the city cultural image.