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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award-Gold Award

Project Name:WE Wedding Ring Art Center

Winner name:

Chen Fengfeng / China

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Lightis one of the most advanced expressions of architecture. The space USES lightto blend with the building. We adopt transparent glass curtain wall structureto form an external exhibition space, and also form a sense of transparency tointroduce more light. Inside, some curved building structures were made to actas a spatial partition between the front and rear areas, forming an internalbuilding body. The arc in the morphological vocabulary is combined with theinspiration of light to form the overall structure of the space. At the sametime, the structure on this side can keep out some natural light, which isprojected through the arch hole to form the contrast of light and shadow in thespace. At the same time, on top of the roof, we also used some special-

shapedarch hole design to simulate sky light, creating the feeling of light sourcepenetrating the top surface.

Theprimary purpose of spatial integration is to unify the spatial morphologicalvocabulary. We use circles, arches and curves as the design language to seekexpression in the space. In the design, I hope that the space and people canhave interactive relation, which can be generated through the guidance ofdesign, so we also integrate some other devices into the space to highlight theatmosphere of the space. It is located at the entrance of the space. No matterconsumers or passersby, they can be guided to make a web celebrity clock toform the interaction between people and the space. At the same time, it canalso be spread through the Internet to achieve the exposure and recognition ofthe brand.