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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award-Gold Award

Project Name:SENSE

Winner name:

JiXiang / China

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Theinspiration comes from Istoria hotel in Santorini.Sometimes, the moment ofwonderful things skipping ahead attracts us a lot.If you can not stand in frontof her immediately,Then you can draw her out.That’s the designer’s specialinsistence for niceness.

•SENSE, as aco-founded brand with young entrepreneurs who love hairdressing,Is differentfrom ordinary commercial space. She separates herself from downtown businessdistricts and hides in point-type buildings of marginal districts. But that cannot hide its own commercial value.

•We don’t takeit as a traditional commercial space designed. Besides the necessary functions,we pay more attention to her artful expressiveness and emotional interaction.We hope all the people can get more surprises except hairdressing itself.

•We did not docomplicated moving lines in spatial planning. What we want to express aredirected interactions, such as waiting, changing clothes,washing head andhairdressing, writing at one’s stretch.•And what wefocus more on is that we make all the people at any corner in this space canenjoy niceness directly.

•Retaining allthe old building’s texture and mixing together new materials can produce adifferent chemical reaction. Maybe she is contradictory, she is opposed, butthey are dependent in the end.