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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award-Gold Award

Project Name:ZXD&GZ Office

Winner name:

YiHuiWei / China

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A place where you can relax yourself andrelieve the stress from work, called home. ---The designer

Under the fast pace of life in the modernworld, design for a house can carry more possibility,

not only the traditional usage as ashelter, but also the rest room for soul. This house is owned

bythe designer, he wanted to explore more ways to express  the modern life through all the

medium as extraordinary drawings, scale,figures, colour, texture, etc.

Dining room:High-grade elegant grey

Open the door gently, the grey wooden walland pure white marble dining table, match with the light-grey chair, presentsgrey tone space, meanwhile, contrasted sharply with the white modelingdecoration cabinet at the right side. There is a glass sliding door betweendining room

and kitchen, which make the dining room,kitchen and the mini bar can be independent or connected. To the dining roomand kitchen as the core,  it can alsomake the inhabitants feel more close to each other since this room design.

Living room: A diversified originality,renovation, mixture

6 metres high pick-air living room,  the disigner took a modern refined white-greytone, this match seems simple, but it presents by extreme modern aestheticsskill, shows the beauty of the house.

There is a grsdient color changing carpeton the floor, the carpet can sufficient the space layet and will not break theintegrity at the same time. And it can emphasize the modern feeling andartistic feeling, meanwhile, keep you feel more comfortable in the room.

When the darkness has fallen, the light ofthe wathet blue transmits through the window, the lamp light up inside, thewarm light will be filled of every corner in the room. And usage of the pointlights and area lights makes the space layer in living room become moreabundant, presents the sofly fragrant of the house and also shows the expertlyapplication of the designer for light at the same time.