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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award-Gold Award

Project Name:Zhongguancun Shaoxing Shuimuwanqu Science park

Winner name:

Qingshi design / Chine

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This project is a joint office space inShaoxing. The design is inspired by calligraphy. We hope to present Shaoxing’s traditional ink calligraphy in the form of modern artinstallations in a three-dimensional space, so that the office space presents adifferent kind of The cultural and artistic sense of the conventional jointoffice makes the office immersed in the artistic conception of ink andcalligraphy.

We combined the partial walls and pillarsin the space with traditional ink calligraphy, and disassembled the calligraphyinto different strokes to enclose the space. All the stroke materials are madeof gray artistic paint, which saves costs and also becomes a modern sculptureof the space, implanting artistry into the entire office space. The overallmaterial selection is based on white paint, and the dark and light texturepaint runs through the entire space. The ground is a carefully selected lightyellow woven carpet. Through the control of material texture and lightperception, the material itself reveals endless ink connotation. The moderninterpretation of ink and calligraphy brings more cultural and artisticfeatures to the entire office space.