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Works Appreciate


IAI Architecture Award-Best Contemporary Architecture Design Award

Project Name:Let architecture talk to nature

Winner name:


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Words make up sentences, sentences make up poems, poems create artistic conception. It is same with points, lines, surfaces, and designs. It's just a way of building an unreal real space where you can have conversations with people, with nature, or with yourself.

People always want to go somewhere far away, somewhere unusual, meet someone you don't know, try life you don't know, just like running away again and again. Doing it like "a friendly chat" with yourself every day. Taoli bar, the hotel lobby, the scattered layout of the hotel complex, gives people a special feeling like a Chinese garden, the design will try to be natural where people can walk in.

Among them, the hotel lobby is a fine small building. "A pure white space, a bit of fireplace, sweet refreshments, friends gathered here." Until the peach night comes, the sky gradually become dark blue, see the shallow lake, hear music sounded, the colorful party opened. This is the design, countryside, silence, nature, integration.