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IAI Architecture Award- Best Inheritance and Innovative Architecture Design Award

Project Name: Origin Town

Winner name:

Made&Make Architects(China)

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Located on Fairy Lady Mountain in Chongqing, Origin Town merges modern sensibilities with ancient heritage to create a singular environment that will benefit the local economy. It includes several sub-projects, including a hotel, Zen/medistation center and chapel. The Angelica Heart Hall and the Seven Houses are the first buildings completed.

(1)Angelica Heart Hall

This small hall was refurbished from a traditional four-sided courtyard, where the house on one side had collapsed. Only two damaged walls and the roof were left standing.

The intent was to restore Angelica Heart Hall to its original state, while integrating it with surrounding natural beauty. A number of different methods were incorporated to deal with the existing structures of the field-side house and associated the other three-sided houses. The latter were retained and refurbished. Modern materials, such as steal and glazing, were used to augment the former's remaining aspects and create a connection from the old courtyard to the surrounding fields. This overcame the isolation of the old courtyard while maintaining its presence and heritage.

(2) The Seven Houses

In it's current guise as the Wind-waiting Hotel, the Seven Houses is a new interpretation of traditional mountain dwelling. The design applies local traditional materials, such as stone and mossed tiles, with modern steel. This allows more natural scenes and light to be introduced through large windows.

The curve of the roof reflects local architecture, transcending time, while complimenting the gradient of the adjoining slope. It achieves a natural balance between introduced and innate elements.

From atop the ridges of the hills, the one-year-old Seven Houses appears to have been standing there for many, many years.