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IAI Interior Award -Best Entertainment Space Design Award

Project Name:Firehouse

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The gray old stone paved outdoor road leads visitors to the main entrance of the fire-burning house. This is a residential house that has been burned by fire. In addition to the original wooden structure and charcoal-burning texture that is still clearly visible, it was baptized by rain. Did not wash away what it should have been.

When we first saw this house, we were deeply attracted by it, like the long river flowing through the gully, opened the afterglow of the sunset on the yellow-white wall, the glorious years that we had witnessed . From the back of the building, the bamboo and part of the shrubs that bear historical memory from time to time are layered and curved, with the unique landscape of natural extension and ups and downs, giving the theme of the elderly activity center a new life.

Design Notes

We combed the texture and important nodes of the fire-burning room, tried to continue the way of the entire building form, and built a contrast between the modern building and the original building. Double hanging, wooden pillar beams, and green tile roofs are used as materials to connect the large hall with an elevated large roof, forming an open semi-outdoor space. Guests are encouraged to stop here, watch the rest, and feel the age-old things. The whole space is mainly reserved and newly built, while the two do not conflict with each other. While bringing new life concepts to tourists, it also awakened their childhood memories.

The lobby uses a large area of glass to penetrate the entire building, making the entire space transparent and simple. According to the scale and function, the landscape and light are appropriately introduced in different ways to create a variety of spatial experiences. The building is formed along the mountain, and the front of the building is connected by multiple ponds. One side is connected to the lobby; the other corner is directly connected to the exhibition area and the rest area. The overall flow of the exhibition continues smoothly from the entrance hall to the large exhibition hall and outdoor viewing platform, forming a continuous viewing experience.