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Works Appreciate


IAI Interior Award-Best Hotel Space Design Award

Project Name: Reconstruction Design of Tianmu Mountain Homestay

Winner name:

Lu Xianhui (China)

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Site summary: our project is located in the beautiful Dayou village in the southern Tianmu Mountain. The building, surrounded by green, consists of a two-floor old wooden tile house and another two-floor newly-built house with concrete structure.

The purpose of the design is to create a comprehensive Homestay retreats for vacation, which includes meeting room, accommodation , dining room, as well as entertainment.

For the old wooden building, considering its uniqueness, the reconstruction is based on the protection and respect of its original appearance and structure, retaining and repairing the rammed earth wall of the original building, optimizing the doors and windows appropriately to improve the indoor lighting and permeability in an attempt to improve the living quality; in structure, a layer of steel structure is strengthened to deal with the increased load demand due to the newly-engaged living space.

For the new building, we fully retain its site characteristics, highlight its natural wilderness and increase the glass surface so as to strengthen the visual effect.The interior decoration design should not only accentuate the traditional localism and interest, but also meet the needs of the comfort of modern housing. The overall spacial material focuses on the traditional rammed clay wall, light-colored art lacquer, gray terrazzo, and wood color, in order to create a simple, comfortable and earthy living environment.